This Sunday I was leading the congregation is singing a wonderful chorus called Mighty to Save. The first line goes "Everyone needs compassion..." And it go me thinking, what does God's word say about compassion? A couple of scriptures came to mind, first was Zechariah's Prophecy regarding the birth of the Prophet John in which … Continue reading Compassion

Racial Justice

I thank God for podcasts. I really do. There are so many out there that can really expand your understanding of our world, God and life. I've been listening to a number of podcasts that deal with racial justice, particularly the issues in the United States of America around black people and their relationship with … Continue reading Racial Justice

Mind Your Language

Whatever you think of Prime Minister David Cameron's latest 'battle against extremism' there's one part of it that leaves me in despair. That's his insistence that immigrant Muslim women who fail to learn to speak English might be deported. Badly thought out, impossible to service or measure and certain to put people's backs up. … Continue reading Mind Your Language

Psalm 82:1

Sometimes you come across something on Twitter where someone is trying to make a point. The graphic below is regularly posted by spittle-flecked atheists who use it to highlight the supposed gullibility of Christians. The problem with the above graphic is its glaring dishonesty. Either that or the creator and the many posters aren't familiar with … Continue reading Psalm 82:1

A New Home!

No I haven't moved to another house but I have moved my blog! After hosting it on Blogger since 2009 I've become a little disillusioned by Google's commitment to the Blogger platform. The last significant update was a few years ago when they introduced the clever but restricting 'Dynamic Views'. Since then diddly-squat. Posterous would … Continue reading A New Home!