There Is A Day

Couple of years ago a brother of mine gave me a CD that he’d won in a raffle. The music wasn’t really to his African taste. I think I listened to it partially and then unfortunately forgot about it.

Fast forward to recently and I was browsing through theDove’s TV channel and came across a wonderful worship song by Phatfish called There Is A Day. Such a wonderful song I decided that I’d see about purchasing it or at least the album that it was on.

Searching through XBox Music I did find it on a compilation album and then remembered that somewhere I had got a Phatfish CD. Digging out the CD called Heavenbound what is the last track on the album? Yup, There Is A Day!

So here it is, this wonderful song performed by Phatfish.


My God is Awesome!

Sometimes a worship song comes along which really moves you. This one below from Pastor Charles Jenkins is one such. Awesomely so. Love the lyrics to it as well.

Authored by Chris Hall

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Kindle Meltdown

Closed my Kindle after a cup of tea in the canteen, next time I open it the Kindle is unresponsive, nothing! Plug in the usb power cable and still nothing, laptop doesn’t even recognise it. Not good.

A quick search of the internet reveals lots of info about recharging the battery for 30 mins but my Kindle won’t connect via the usb.
Then I see a little gem about holding the power button down for 20 seconds. Et Voila! Kindle Reset!
Sad to say I’d be lost without my Kindle 😦

The Enemy of Worship

Just reading the late Derek Prince’s book “Entering the Presence of God”.

There’s a passage in there regarding worship which says thus:

…the great enemy of worship is self-centeredness. As long as we are wrapped up in ourselves and our own problems and the things that are going on all around us, we are not in a position to worship God.

Sometimes you just need to read things to have them come up and smack you in the face, and for a very good reason.

Derek’s book is proving to be an excellent read.