Oh the integrity of them all!

Seems that someone else is getting involved in the saga around politicising OFSTED.Seems that David Laws is accusing Gove of acting politically over the appointments and de-appointments.Hold on, David Laws?Yes, that David Laws.Just to remind ourselves.Oh the integrity of them all!Related articlesOfsted row deepens as Laws 'furious'Breaking News: Gove 'politcising schools watchdog'Breaking News: Gove 'politcising … Continue reading Oh the integrity of them all!

My Old Bloggings

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was subjected to calls for impeachment during his time in office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Looking at the wayback archive I can find my earliest bloggings back in 28th April 2001. Was coding everything by hand, not much in terms of blogging platforms that took my fancy.Some things don't change! … Continue reading My Old Bloggings