Must be Christmas

I seem to remember many years ago there was a comedy series on Meridian TV that was broadcast on Friday evening when the pubs had shut. The aim seemed to be to feature new and ‘edgy’ comedians. What always struck me was first their ‘southern middle-classishness’ and secondly their tendency to pick on Christianity as a target of their humour. I didn’t find their comedy particularly funny and in a lot of ways very childish in a ‘sniggerish’ sort of way. Perhaps what I would expect from young up and coming comedians looking for an easy target to portray their humour onto.

In many ways this style of God-botherer bashing has never gone away and has been continued with new comedians and organisations. The thing that does get to me though is that the target is almost always Christianity. Sometimes Jews, maybe Buddhists and Hindus, but very rarely will the things dear to the heart of Islam get the same treatment. One can only wonder why.