Lobby Group Says Open-Source Threatens Capitalism

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Wow! So here’s me been using various flavours of Linux for nigh on a decade. Surprised the Feds haven’t paid me a visit.

From Mashable:

Does advocating the use of open-source software make one an enemy of capitalism? Yes, according to a U.S. intellectual property lobby group.

The Guardian reports that the International Intellectual Property Alliance, a lobby group broadly representing the RIAA, MPAA and others, has requested that the U.S. government put countries including Indonesia, Brazil and India on the “Special 301 watchlist.” Special 301 is a report that concerns the “adequacy and effectiveness of intellectual property rights” around the globe. Being put on the associated watchlist effectively puts those countries on a shortlist of governments considered “enemies of capitalism” who aren’t doing enough to protect intellectual property abroad.

So come on comrades, dump whatever flavour of Windows or Mac OS you’re using and start loving the penguin!

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