My Old Bloggings

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was subjected to calls for impeachment during his time in office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Looking at the wayback archive I can find my earliest bloggings back in 28th April 2001. Was coding everything by hand, not much in terms of blogging platforms that took my fancy.Some things don't change! … Continue reading My Old Bloggings

Michael Foot Anti-Polaris Demo at Dunoon

With Michael Foot's death it's almost as if a link to the past has been broken. Here's a silent film from Pathe News of him at the Anti-Polaris demonstration at Dunoon in 1961, two years before I was even born. No sound on this one.ANTI-POLARIS DEMO AT DUNOON Pathe News site is always good for … Continue reading Michael Foot Anti-Polaris Demo at Dunoon