Nick Clegg says Lib Dem-Labour coalition possible

Seems Nick Clegg is touting his party round looking for another host to latch onto.

I wonder what the Labour leader’s response will be?

Ed MacDonald, or was it Ramsay Miliband?

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Oh the integrity of them all!

Seems that someone else is getting involved in the saga around politicising OFSTED.

Seems that David Laws is accusing Gove of acting politically over the appointments and de-appointments.

Hold on, David Laws?

Yes, that David Laws.

Just to remind ourselves.

Oh the integrity of them all!

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Why Public healthcare is good

Look what was done in the aftermath of the Second World War, when Britain was a ‘bankrupt nation’. strands of Socialism and Christianity, hand in hand, creating the NHS and bringing so much to all.

And now we are in a time of plenty when the concept of ‘austerity’ touted by the Tory, LibDem and unfortunately Labour spivs is being used to rip apart this unique institution.

It seems we can only weep.

Christian MPs and the ASA

I read the letter below and very nearly fell off me chair! Imagine that, MPs in the House of Commons, one from each of the main parties defending a group (HOTS) that had fallen foul of the Atheist Standards Authority, Sorry Advertising Standards Authority.

Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury
Chairman, Advertising Standards Agency

21st March 2012

We are writing on behalf of the all-party Christians in Parliament group in Westminster and your ruling that the Healing On The Streets ministry in Bath are no longer able to claim, in their advertising, that God can heal people from medical conditions.

We write to express our concern at this decision and to enquire about the basis on which it has been made. It appears to cut across two thousand years of Christian tradition and the very clear teaching in the Bible. Many of us have seen and experienced physical healing ourselves in our own families and churches and wonder why you have decided that this is not possible.
On what scientific research or empirical evidence have you based this decision?

You might be interested to know that I (Gary Streeter) received divine healing myself at a church meeting in 1983 on my right hand, which was in pain for many years. After prayer at that meeting, my hand was immediately free from pain and has been ever since. What does the ASA say about that? I would be the first to accept that prayed for people do not always get healed, but sometimes they do. That is all this sincere group of Christians in Bath are claiming.

It is interesting to note that since the traumatic collapse of the footballer Fabrice Muamba the whole nation appears to be praying for a physical healing for him. I enclose some media extracts. Are they wrong also and will you seek to intervene?

We invite your detailed response to this letter and unless you can persuade us that you have reached your ruling on the basis of indisputable scientific evidence, we intend to raise this matter in Parliament.

Yours sincerely,
Gary Streeter MP (Con)
Chair, Christians in Parliament
Gavin Shuker MP (Labour)
Vice Chair, Christians in Parliament
Tim Farron (Lib-Dem)
Vice Chair, Christians in Parliament


Source : Total Politics

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Nick Clegg and Distributism?

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 11:  Deputy Prime Minist...
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So says the BBC. No, I don’t think he really is calling for a form of Distributism, merely offering up sound bites that seem to be rounding the edges from our current form of rampaging Capitalism. There’s lots of talk in political circles at the moment of a more ‘friendly capitalism’ and I think he sees this as an opportune moment to claim some media time.

Nick Clegg talks of cutting red tape and reforming the tax system, both of which may have merits but go no way to reigning in the current monster. He also seems to parallel a quote of GK Chesterton’s but misses the point entirely:

“We don’t believe our problem is too much capitalism – we think it’s that too few people have capital.

It’s worth quoting the great GK Chesterton here:

“Too much capitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists.”

Clegg’s call is not for a more responsible capitalism, or a kinder face of capitalism but the continued rampage of neo-liberal economic thinking with a nod to worker participation as a way of heading off the unions. After all, if you have shares in a company then the last thing you’ll be doing is calling for industrial action? This is worker participation, but just enough participation to nullify the unions but not enough to pass any power to the workers or to make any difference to current practices whatever.

True worker involvement would mean the reduction in the ratio of high and low earnings within a company, worker participation in strategy and planning together with workers sharing equitably in the success of the endeavour. I would also like to think that it would involve a healthy does of Catholic Social Teaching to give the whole system a moral basis by which everyone would be catered for and not be left behind.

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