An attack on union rights? Probably

嘉士伯(Carlsberg)啤酒,产自中国广东惠州。Made in China
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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A union in Lithuania has been barred from striking at a brewery because the owners have managed to get the courts to view beer production as an ‘essential service’!

From the IUF website:

Management attacks on workers and their unions continue at Carlsberg, the world’s 4th largest brewery company. A planned strike by union workers at the Carlsberg brewery in Lithuania has been declared illegal by an outrageous court decision which is now the subject of an ILO complaint. The court denied the right to strike by declaring beer production an essential national service! Carlsberg is retaliating against the union’s struggle for justice with reprisals and dismissals and using the Lithuanian legal system to destroy union rights. Use the form below to send a message to Carlsberg and to the government of Lithuania telling them to stop violating workers’ rights!


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So we have the UN Climate Change Conference being hosted in Copenhagen.

We also have George Soros present who is going to form and fund an organization to advise policy makers on environmental issues and look after public interest as policies and programs are created to address climate change.

And then we have the Executive Vice Chairman of Rothschild, Simon Linnett.

But for the private sector to participate enthusiastically in a global carbon trading market, governments must collectively establish a robust framework within which trading can occur. It must be long, loud and legal:

  • Long: it is going to be around for a long time
  • Loud: it will be the dominant mechanism for sponsoring changes in behaviour and we are going to make this perfectly clear to the world’s people
  • Legal: we will enforce it through law

A key implication of creating a legal yet global system of trading, is the loss of sovereignty it implies. Governments must be prepared to allow some subordination of national interests to this world initiative, on the issue of emissions. This need not mean a new system of government, above individual nations.

Why do I get the feeling that this is little to do with the stewardship of this planet and more to do with the control of the masses by the unelected?

Pity the thirld world, pity the poor, pity the ordinary.

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