Is Banning the Burka in Britain Racist?

So Syria’s just about to have the shit bombed out of it, Cameron and the media are working overtime to make the country feel guilty for not joining in the bomb-fest and the Tories are getting a cheap thrill from making the poor, disabled and unemployed pay for the banking crisis they didn’t create. So what does Tory MP Philip Hollobone do? He puts a bill onto the Parliamentary timetable looking to make burka clad women criminals in their own country. Yup, he wants to ban the burka.

Tory MP’s ban the burqa bill reaches parliament

Francois ‘Bomber’ Hollande

Perhaps he feels ‘one’ with that the faux socialist Francois Hollande, President of France who already has the burka banned and is itching to rain death down on the Syrians, and is the man to follow. And while Hollobone is at it he wants to reintroduce capital punishment, privatise the BBC, have a referendum on equal marriage, withdraw from the EU and rename the August bank holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day. My arse.

Also in the news there was a recent judicial case where a judge refused to allow a Muslim woman to enter a plea because she refused to remove her burka, as she does not believe she should be seen uncovered by none familial men.

Muslim woman must remove burka in court, judge insists

Judge Murphy told her: ‘It is necessary for this court to be satisfied that they can recognise the defendant. While I obviously respect the right to dress in any way she wishes, certainly while outside the court, the interests of justice are paramount. I can’t, as a circuit judge, accept a plea from a person whose identity I am unable to ascertain.’

But then on the flipside there’s nothing but praise for a judge who happens to be blind. Judge John Lafferty told Snaresbrook Crown Court he couldn’t view a video relating to paedophilia as he obviously couldn’t view the images so he decided to let full-sighted judge decide on severity of the pornographic film.

Blind judge adjourns sentencing of pervert so colleague can decide how serious child pornography video is

There was a little bit of kerfuffle over this but it was short lived and Judge John Lafferty continues to preside over cases, and very competently I expect.

The problem for me is when all three items are viewed together I can only ask the question is there racism or islamophobia at work here in such high levels of British society and the State? In the case of the blind judge it’s accepted that he doesn’t have to see people’s faces or visually identify them to do his job. Then we have Judge Murphy who is adamant that he has to see people’s faces. When it comes down to it this act of seeing people is either a requirement of justice or it isn’t. If it is a requirement then someone needs to tell Judge John Lafferty that he’ll be spending more time tending his garden as his disability obviously disqualifies him from presiding as a judge. If it isn’t then Judge Murphy and even more so Philip Hollobone need to address their own prejudices.

Burka / Niqab – I know all the articles in the linked news items refer to the burka but I think they really mean the niqab. To me the burka is the all enveloping covering associated with Afghanistan and the niqab is the face veil that covers everything but the eyes. For continuity’s sake I’ve used burka throughout regardless of the accuracy.

Authored by Chris Hall

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More Christian Presenters needed on Children’s TV

The BBC have been told to put more Christian presenters on children’s TV to ‘familiarise’ youngsters with different denominations. The study said Christian presenters would ‘validate’ the feelings of Christian children.  It said this was important for young people in their ‘ formative years’.

BBC children’s programmes should include more Catholic, Orthodox and Pentecostal Christians, a report of the corporation recommends. A panel of nine experts said youngsters should be introduced to the diversity of Christian denominations in their early years. While there has been a gradual increased in the representation of these people, they remain ‘still relatively invisible’ in the media, they said.

Demonstrating positive experiences and outcomes will stop Christian children feeling isolated, it said, particularly in rural areas. The report commissioned by the broadcaster, which drew on audience surveys and nine ‘faith experts’, concluded that all genres of programming should regularly feature diverse denominations, with news and drama currently the biggest problem areas.

For dramas and soaps, she recommended bolder storylines featuring Christian characters, while documentaries were deemed to need more Catholic presenters and portrayal of the Orthodox in history. As for comedy, the report concluded that the ‘biggest risk’ was Anglicans being the focus of a joke. This was judged as only truly acceptable when the comedians themselves were Anglican.

Acting director general Tim Davie, chair of the BBC Working Group which commissioned the review, said: ‘The BBC has a fundamental obligation to serve all its audiences. In fact, it’s one of the BBC’s public purposes to reflect the diversity of UK life, especially when 55% of the UK describe themselves as Christian according to the recent census.

Of course the above is a parody of this news item.

But it does make me ask the question as to why someone feels it’s important to have different Christian denominations as Children’s TV presenters? I mean, how do you know if they are Christian, and even if they are what denomination? Are we expected to keep an eye out for how they make the sign of the cross, or whether they genuflect or bow their head?

It’s madness, or as someone else has said:

I don’t want gay presenters, I don’t want straight presenters, I don’t want northern presenters, I don’t want southern presenters, I don’t want black, white, male female, able bodied or disabled presenters. I want competent presenters which seems less and less likely from an increasingly incompetent organisation.

My Old Bloggings

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was...
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was subjected to calls for impeachment during his time in office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Looking at the wayback archive I can find my earliest bloggings back in 28th April 2001. Was coding everything by hand, not much in terms of blogging platforms that took my fancy.

Some things don’t change! I was banging on about Blair back then, as well as slavery, liberals and animal welfare.

26 Apr 2001Bribe
Tony Blair promised bonds for each child born if Labour is returned to power. Have you ever seen such blatant electioneering? I just can’t believe that a government would have the front to trot out ‘policies’ like this just before a general election. they should be ashamed of themselves. I used to be a Labour party memeber back in the early 80’s. How things have changed. Power is everything for Tony and his cronies now. Bring back Michael Foot!
13 Apr 2001Sudan
Check the national and international papers. The government in Sudan is still encouraging the slave trade. They are allegedly supplying weapons to the Arab traders who raid the Southern Sudan and bring back captives. We’ve come a long way since Christ was crucified, died and rose again. Or have we? Hmm..
01 Apr 2001BBC
The atheists and trendy liberals at the BBC have struck again! They’ve just broadcast the first part of a series looking at the life of Jesus. Apparently they’ve removed references to the establishment of God’s Kingdom cos it may offend the Jews. Uh? Not content with that they are using the programme to rationalise the miraculous. Still, what can you expect from a Religious Affairs department who have constantly blocked attempts by christian broadcasters to gain a licence for a national Christian radio station.
28 Mar 2001Animal Welfare
Am I the only one who thinks that we’ve lost the plot when it comes to the husbandry and welfare of the animals we have been given for our food?
I believe we pay far too little for our meat and dairy products. I can buy a whole chicken in the supermarket for less than a fiver. I believe that the supermarkets, farmers, distributors etc have to make a profit, so ask yourself the question, where’s the squeeze being put? On the care and welfare of the animal of course.
I pray we get real about the resources that God has given us.

The human cost of unemployment

English: (The Depression) The Single Men's Une...
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Having spent a few years unemployed under Thatcher and Major I can really feel for the people featured in this BBC article.

The quote from Ben Gillet sums up how it can be when you’re in such a situation, it shows how alien this sort of existence is and how far away it is from what man needs.

“I have no routine, I have nothing to set my day by,” he says. “It’s sometimes light, it’s sometimes dark, that’s the passage of time as far as I’m concerned now.”

Go read the article. Pray for change to their circumstance and for a change to the system that dumped them there.

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Goodwin loses knighthood

Fred Goodwin
Image by London Permaculture via Flickr

As the BBC says… Former RBS boss Fred Goodwin stripped of knighthood

In other news I’ve lost the top off my biro.

I know which is more relevant to me.

Banker Fred Goodwin losing his knighthood is a bit of a non-story for me. The whole honours system is already in disrepute not by the shame of having to strip some banker of his title but in the fact that he was given one in the first place! How someone decided that running a company into the ground is reason for offering them a knighthood for ‘services to banking’ is beyond me. To be honest it’s not. It’s symptomatic of a system that is run by the elite for the elite.

I also really can’t be bothered whether he keeps his knighthood or not. I’d never call anyone ‘Sir’ or whatever just because some oaf decided that I should. What I would like to see is Goodwin being stripped of his booty from the wreck of the good ship RBS. That would be a sight worth seeing and would also send a message that the days of rewarding failure are over.

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