A New Home!

No I haven’t moved to another house but I have moved my blog! After hosting it on Blogger since 2009 I’ve become a little disillusioned by Google’s commitment to the Blogger platform. The last significant update was a few years ago when they introduced the clever but restricting ‘Dynamic Views’. Since then diddly-squat.

Posterous would have been my primary choice for a new platform but that was bought out by Twitter and then discontinued.

Self hosting and using a CMS was another option but for a blog like this too much work for my liking!

So WordPress.com it is. Seems very nice as well.

All I need now is to add a redirect to my old host at http://thesignofthecross.blogspot.com and all is complete!


Sound familiar?

Watching the BBC interview of Adele by Graham Norton tonight and Adele sang one of the new tracks off her forthcoming album. The track was called A Million Years Ago. Listening to it reminded me of a different song by someone else. You know where you almost recognise a tune but get lost with the words, yet it’s the words which are the key!

Eventually it came to me, El Shaddai by Michael Card, famously sung by Amy Grant. It’s a song that I occasionally play during worship.

Have a listen. What do you think?

Distant Pics of St Michael’s Abbey

Seems that every Saturday when I take Charlie for a walk we stop and look at the sheep, and St Michael’s Abbey at Farnborough. Well I say ‘we’ but I really mean me. Charlie is far too busy rooting round in the undergrowth for something to eat.
Met a man who was working on the boundary fence from the inside. He was repairing a ‘doorway’ that had been cut in the mesh fence. Was probably going to be used to enable something of a reasonable size to be pilfered from somewhere in the monastery grounds, or even a sheep.
Pray for the monastery, Abbey, those who have their vocation there and those who labour in support. And also pray for those who vandalise and steal from this wonderful place.
The guided tours they do on a Friday are worth it as well and is also an opportunity for them to be supported.
Monastery with crooked cross and dome of the Abbey




Someone’s been at it with the filters again

The Last Post

As the title says.

This will be my last post at Lansbury’s Lido. I’ve finally decided to retire this blog to the heavenly archive or maybe I’ll consign it to the fiery furnace leaving nowt but a shadow on the wayback machine.

It’s been a good ride over the years, sharing my lefty thoughts on politics and current events, sharing posts and discussions, meeting some great comrades, and also some not so great, hoping for a great socialist future where peace and harmony reigns supreme!

Alas the wheels came off the bus as they say. Was it my expectations or viewing the possible futures through rose-tinted spectacles of memories past?

My Left was a Left of Keir Hardie, of George Lansbury, of Attlee and Bevan and the NHS, Of Eric Heffer and Tom Mann. A left of strong union leaders working with comrades to realise Clause 4! A Left where those whose labour and brain created the wealth got to share in and control the wealth. A Left open to all, from the hoary handed worker in the field to the academic in the ivory tower.

It gone. All gone.

The elites in the main political left parties have suited and booted and embraced the creed of the Tories whilst deceitfully leaving the Red Flag flying. Those to the left outside of Parliament have dissolved into internecine disputes of funds and rape. The young have become intolerant caricatures, rallying to the latest sexy trend on Twitter and Facebook and forgetting those, the majority who they should be supporting and fighting for.

Those parties now seen as the hope for the Left are nothing but semi-fascist and engrossed in issues of singular importance to the minority.

¡No pasarán! was the cry to the capitalist behemoth. They shall not pass!

But whilst the Left scoured social media for another ‘phobia’ they could decry and hang their vendetta masks on the Tories and the economic elite built a bypass. The Left gesticulated from the crumbling B road as private capital roared past on the smooth undulating toll roads.

Modernity has been consumed by a fascist, intolerant liberalism and then vomited up as a postmodern pavement pizza. Facts have been swept under the carpet and tagged as bigotry. This is the Left now. Idiotic, childish and screwed up.

A man puts on lipstick, a dress and high heels and demands to be allowed into the women’s changing room at Next. When he’s not allowed he screams something ending in ‘-phobic’ and the Left condemns the ‘bigots’ for not being accepting him as a woman.

Another person decides it’s fabulous to suggest that #killallwhitemen is a grand thing to post on a Tweet for a business account and gets the hump when they’re called out for it.

A good point to post my favourite graphic methinks.

Homoexuals in Iran swing from cranes at the behest of Shia clerics for the delight of the crowd. In Mosul homosexuals are thrown from buildings by Islamists of Daesh and stoned by the crowd if they have the temerity to survive the drop. In Britain Christians are dragged through the legal system for the heinous crime of wearing a cross or not wanting to bake a cake. And for the left we know which of these events generates the shrillest condemnation and thirst for vengeance.

After venting my spleen in this post I realise that my ‘Left’ hasn’t changed. It’s died a whimpering death and the title has been stolen by the fascist liberals. Dreams of economic control by the workers are no more.

It was good whilst it lasted.


The Fall of Constantinople

The Hagia Sophia, the greatest church of Christendom

562 years ago yesterday the Turks finally took the great Christian city of Constantinople.

Greedily desired by the Muslims since the time of their prophet they finally stormed the walls on the 29th May 1453 under the leadership of the Turk Mehmed II.

There Is A Day

Couple of years ago a brother of mine gave me a CD that he’d won in a raffle. The music wasn’t really to his African taste. I think I listened to it partially and then unfortunately forgot about it.

Fast forward to recently and I was browsing through theDove’s TV channel and came across a wonderful worship song by Phatfish called There Is A Day. Such a wonderful song I decided that I’d see about purchasing it or at least the album that it was on.

Searching through XBox Music I did find it on a compilation album and then remembered that somewhere I had got a Phatfish CD. Digging out the CD called Heavenbound what is the last track on the album? Yup, There Is A Day!

So here it is, this wonderful song performed by Phatfish.