Our Pledge of Allegiance to Jesus

This is an excellent post by David!

I think it’s worth a quick look at the flip side as well. Back in John 6:64 Jesus says that there are some who don’t believe. This together with the verses David mentioned seem to separate those who were following Jesus into those that followed but didn’t actually believe, and those who followed and believed so much that they were willing to make the ‘pledge of allegiance’..


By David Ettinger

A Long Day
It was a long day for Jesus. He fed the 5,000, walked on water, taught that He was “the Bread of Life,” witnessed the bitter grumbling resulting from His teaching, and watched as “many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him” (John 6:66).

The Lord must have been weary and emotionally spent. However, He had business to tend to. He had to make sure He had the devotion of those closest to Him, and therefore asked the 12 disciples: “You do not want to leave too, do you” (v. 67)?

This piercing question produced perhaps the greatest pledge of allegiance uttered in Scripture – a pledge every Christian should repeat as often as memory calls it to mind.

The Pledge
Though Jesus posed the question to all 12, of course it was Peter who replied. He had done so other times…

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