Oppressing The Poor

To me, what has the potential to be one of the most evil systems in the world today is the Capitalist system. I’m not saying that capitalism in itself is inherently evil but that when it is given free reign in an amoral society then it wreaks havoc upon the poor and downtrodden.

And we have an amoral society today, especially in the West. The morals of our society, or at least those promoted by those with power and influence are all about me, me and me. Christian morals have been sidelined and often labelled as outdated or even evil. But without them society becomes much poorer and hard.

Where I live is what was built as a GLC overspill estate. A number of these were built in the 1960s to try and deal with the squalor and overcrowding in the London suburbs. To those living in awful conditions they were a way out and a way into something new and cleaner. The downside was that you had to leave where you were and start afresh. Even so take up was good.

Our particular estate in Farnborough is now known as the Prospect Estate. When it was first built everything was clean, shiny and fresh. The design had some good points. Houses were built around green areas so children could play outside safe from vehicles and traffic. There were a primary, junior and senior school, a doctors, a collection of shops such as newsagent, chemist, chippy, bookies, butchers and a pub.

On the downside, once the freshness was gone, it looked awful. The houses were all alike. In each road the houses were connected to each other by their flat roofs. In my street you could run across the flat roofs from number 1 to number 200 odd. Each house backed onto an alleyway which because they aren’t overlooked became dumping grounds for fly-tippers and rubbish both from residents and others. I’ve seen lorries turn up, dump a load of rubbish on the paths and drive off. And of course like all council estates it was eventually flogged off to a Housing Association.

One of the major annoyances is parking. I’ve said the houses are all clustered around greens which means that you can’t park near your house. Built back in the 60s the concept of such high vehicle ownership didn’t figure in the design. Today there are more cars than there are spaces to park. The council has made some improvements with parking over the years. They’ve converted some of the green spaces to car parks and knocked down garage blocks that had become dilapidated and unsightly.

In the road where I live there used to be a double row of garages, about 20 in total. I used to rent one until the rent became stupidly expensive. So the housing association decided to knock down one row, refurbish the remaining row and in doing so free up 10 parking spaces. Excellent news, everybody wins!

Now this is where capitalism comes in to spoil the party and oppress the poor. For whatever reason the housing association sold off the garages to a private company, Dudrich Holdings. I remember about a year ago walking my dog through the estate and noticing all the garage blocks had signs on saying that they were now owned by Dudrich Holdings and one either had to contact them to continue paying rent or they would come and clear the garages out themselves and change the locks. Not really a problem so far except that it now appears that the housing association also sold Dudrich Holdings the land that the garages were built on.

So in my road the block of refurbished garages are available to rent privately but now parking tickets have appeared on anyone parking in the newly created parking bays. It’s not the first time it’s happened on the estate, we begin to learn of other roads where this has happened. It is a situation that is totally unfair and whose root cause is in greed. The council built the garages and the estate. The housing association refurbished the garages and added new car parking spaces. And we now have someone coming along and because they have money and capital they can use the circumstance to take money from the poorest so they can become wealthier without doing any good whatsoever. People are suffering just so that someone can amass more wealth.

The final word is from God’s Word.

Oppressing the poor to enrich oneself, and giving to the rich – both lead only to poverty.

Proverbs 22:16

3 thoughts on “Oppressing The Poor

  1. “The deceitfulness of wealth”, a phrase used in the Parable of the Sower.
    I know your area. I used to go to Cove Baptist Church and also COGOPS when it met in the school. My elder son and his family go to COGS now. I bet there are people you know that I know. Small world.
    I live in Devon now though.

  2. Hi John, good to hear from you! It is indeed a small world. My wife and I used to go to COGOP up until 6 months ago. They still meet in the school. We came to faith and were baptised and married at COGS back in 1994!

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