Racial Justice

I thank God for podcasts. I really do. There are so many out there that can really expand your understanding of our world, God and life.

I’ve been listening to a number of podcasts that deal with racial justice, particularly the issues in the United States of America around black people and their relationship with the Police and power structures.

The recent shooting and killing of a number of unarmed black people by Police has raised the issue of racism and the lives of black people to such a degree that I’m seeing the churches start to talk about it. And not just in a fleeting way. Churches are inviting black members of their congregation to share their experiences and asking their white members to listen and learn.

There’s two podcast episodes that I think deserve a mention so I’ve linked to the video versions.

The first is from The Village Church hosted by Matt Chandler.


The second is from Northpoint Church led by Andy Stanley and you can watch it by following the link below.



It’s so encouraging seeing the church, particularly in the USA approaching these issues and really looking to get to grips with them.