Distant Pics of St Michael’s Abbey

Seems that every Saturday when I take Charlie for a walk we stop and look at the sheep, and St Michael’s Abbey at Farnborough. Well I say ‘we’ but I really mean me. Charlie is far too busy rooting round in the undergrowth for something to eat.
Met a man who was working on the boundary fence from the inside. He was repairing a ‘doorway’ that had been cut in the mesh fence. Was probably going to be used to enable something of a reasonable size to be pilfered from somewhere in the monastery grounds, or even a sheep.
Pray for the monastery, Abbey, those who have their vocation there and those who labour in support. And also pray for those who vandalise and steal from this wonderful place.
The guided tours they do on a Friday are worth it as well and is also an opportunity for them to be supported.
Monastery with crooked cross and dome of the Abbey




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