If Loving God Was a Crime

If Loving God Was a Crime from Big Tent Revival. Remember seeing it shortly after coming to faith.

Authored by Chris Hall


Lost My Blogroll

In amongst all the faffing around choosing other templates I’ve realised that I’ve lost my blogroll.

If I had linked to your blog and it’s now disappeared then I do apologise. Please do contact me to get the link added back.

Authored by Chris Hall

How To Integrate Disqus Into Blogger Dynamic Views

image of Disqus in Blogger

I’m not going to tell you how to integrate Disqus Commenting System into Blogger’s Dynamic Views because it’s far too difficult for me. But I know a blog where someone has done just that and provides a step-by-step guide to integrating it.

Go see Subin’s Blog.

So check if it works by adding a comment to the Disqus section below!

Authored by Chris Hall

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