Len McCluskey in the Daily Mirror

Unite logo
Unite logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good to read Len McCluskey’s article in the Daily Mirror:

If your son or daughter fancies becoming a Labour MP, forget it. They have more chance of cleaning in the Commons than being elected to it.That is what the row over Labour selection procedures is really about – who can play a part in our politics. Today, Parliament is increasingly the preserve of an out-of-touch elite – Oxbridge-educated special advisers who glide from university to think tank to the green benches without ever sniffing the air of the real world. That is what Unite is trying to change. We want to give our democracy back to ordinary working people. We say they need to be given a fair crack of the whip in the Labour Party in particular – the Party that was founded to represent working people, because the establishment of a century ago ignored them.

The Unite General Secretary lays it on the line about what has happened to the Labour Party over the last few decades. It’s been dragged to the right and the strings and levers of power have been populated by the middle-class elitist careerists whose interests rarely extend beyond their own careers, egos and wallets. Let’s hope that  what comes out of the Falkirk fiasco will be in the interests of the people of this country.

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