Planes, boats and trains

Well, planes anyways, and only then if you're white? Great cartoon.From the Daily Mirror.From now on, anyone arriving in Australia by boat without a visa will be transferred to PNG —this includes women and children. PNG officials will assess their claims on Manus Island,” Acting Australian High Commissioner Sonya Koppe said.Authored by Chris HallRelated articlesPNG … Continue reading Planes, boats and trains

Are the Samaritans De-Recognising Unite?

Unite logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Have seen two conflicting statements today around the issue of the Samaritans and their relationship with Unite the Union.Unite is claiming that the Samaritans are de-reconising the union, maybe a a prelude to changes to terms and conditions etc. They have issued this statement:Problem for Samaritans - derecognising Unite24 July 2013 … Continue reading Are the Samaritans De-Recognising Unite?

Let’s Impeach the President

Listening to Neil Young's Let's Impeach the President when I heard these lyrics. Somewhat apt given the current controversy surrounding Snowden/Prism etc.Let's impeach the PresidentFor spying On citizens inside their own homesBreaking every law in the countryBy tapping our computers and telephones