Bishop Devine goes for Cameron

Top man!

…and rightly so.

From the Telegraph:

Joseph Devine, the Bishop of Motherwell, said he considered the Prime Minister “out of his depth” and Christians cannot trust him given the “contradiction” between his statements on religious matters and his actions.

Spot on Bishop Devine. Cameron has proven he will say any old rubbish to hide his real agenda.

He also used a two-page letter to Mr Cameron, to accuse him of “belittling” the Church of England by attacking its reluctance to ordain women bishops.

The CofE has a form of democracy in the process of Synod but the Laity in the Synod were just so ‘not with the programme.’ Obviously the Synod got it so wrong* compared to the theological colossus that is Cameron.

The Church is also upset the Prime Minister has refused to support moves by Christians to go to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to demand their right to wear the cross.

Another top man!

Perhaps Cameron thinks they’re the type of Christian that would vote the wrong way in Synod. Obviously not worthy.

In a separate move, Philip Tartaglia, the archbishop of Glasgow, said it was a “great disappointment” that Mr Cameron’s plans to change the laws on royal succession would not end the anomaly that bans the monarch from being Catholic.

Funny how some forms of ‘discrimination’ are more worthy than others.

Bishop Devine used his letter to accuse Mr Cameron of claiming to be an advocate for Christian values while undermining freedom of conscience and family life.
“You vacillate, ambivalent about the role you wish to perform – the disciple of David or Nero,” he wrote, referring to the ECHR row over the cross.
“With such a contradiction between your statements and actions, on what basis can you expect anyone – Christians in particular – to trust or respect you?”

Why would any Christian put their trust in a man like Cameron and others of his ilk?

Accusing the Prime Minister of acting with “indecent haste” to legalise gay marriage, the bishop added: “I suspect it is only a matter of time before you go one step further and outlaw the teaching of Christian doctrine on sexual morality on the grounds of discrimination.”

Coming soon to a country near you.

“So far as the Roman Catholic Church … is concerned, you are out of your depth. We will take no finger-prodding lectures from anyone or any group devoid of moral competence.” 

You have to admire some of the Catholic hierarchy, they do have backbone. Only some though.

A Downing Street spokesman declined to comment on the letter but said the debate on gay marriage was “about how rather than if” it would go ahead. Mr Cameron has said he is resisting ECHR action on the cross as he wants such issues dealt with in British courts.

‘How rather than if’ sums it up. This is nothing to do with public support, theology, justice, right or God. An agenda or ‘get with it programme’ has already been decided upon and God help those who don’t toe the line.

Thank God I’m no longer in the CofE. I don’t think I could take such Governmental interference and ignorance driving theology and church practice.

* yes I do know the vote wasn’t about women bishops.

Authored by Chris Hall

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