Hypocrisy In Hollywood

Hypocrisy in Hollywood
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Christianity Marginalised?

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A bit of a debate going on about whether Christianity is being marginalised in British society.

The Daily Mail highlights a few of the recent cases that have hit the headlines. It does make one wonder.

  • Gary McFarlane, 48, a former elder in a church in Hanham, Bristol, lost his fight at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in London to prove discrimination by the relationship charity Relate in 2009. McFarlane lost his job after refusing to provide sex therapy to gay couples has failed in a further attempt to prove religious discrimination by his former employers.
  • Nadia Eweida, 58, lost her appeal against a ruling which cleared British Airways of discrimination by stopping her wearing a cross visibly at work. The tribunal, held in 2010, was told Miss Eweida was sent home in September 2006 over the display of the small silver cross on a chain around her neck, which she wore as a personal expression of her faith.
  • Hannah Adewole complained that wearing trousers goes against her religious beliefs. Mrs Adewole, 45, cited a command in the Bible that women should not wear men’s clothing, and claimed she was banned from wearing scrub dresses in theatre. She pointed out that Muslim midwives are allowed to vary official uniform with their own hijabs and tops. She sued Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust in 2011 for religious discrimination and harassment, but lost the case.
  • A homosexual couple who successfully sued the Christian owners of a hotel who refused them a bed are withdrawing a claim for more compensation, it was revealed today. Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall had said Cornwall B&B owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull were let off lightly and had called for their £3,600 damages to be increased.
  • Earlier this month, Christians and politicians reacted with dismay after a judge overturned centuries of custom by outlawing a town hall in Devon from putting prayers on the formal agenda. Atheist former councillor Clive Bone started the case against Bideford town council in July 2010, claiming he had been ‘disadvantaged and embarrassed’ when religious prayers were recited at formal meetings.
  • Also this month, Celestina Mba, 57, lost her claim for constructive dismissal after a judge ruled her employer could make her work on the Sabbath. The Baptist mother-of-three claims she was forced from her job caring for disabled children after clashing with bosses over the issue. But the tribunal ruled that keeping Sunday as a day of rest was not a ‘core component’ of Christianity.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107642/Bath-crematorium-sparks-anger-removes-glass-window-featuring-4ft-cross-avoid-offending-religions.html#ixzz1nm5a2200

See also the Telegraph’s article. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9074643/Religion-in-modern-Britain-ten-recent-conflicts.html

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RIP Fr Wulstan of St Michael’s Abbey

From the blog of St Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough. Follow the link to read more. A fascinating obituary!
Our oldest monk, Fr Wulstan, died on Saturday. He was 99 years old and more than 79 years a son of St Benedict, almost 70 years a priest. With him dies a great chunk of the history of our community and his loss is keenly felt by our little community, especially by Brother Thomas, Brother Michael, and Brother Anselm who cared for him day and night for these last years….

I believe that God can heal

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It would seem that just reiterating that statement of Christian faith is enough to bring down the wrath of the Advertising Standards Agency. If you believe that statement is true then please sign the new e-petition here.

The statement goes:

I believe that God can heal 

Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport Whether or not we believe that God can heal, we call on the Government to ensure that publishing statements of faith is not banned. This petition is put forward following cases where the Advertising Standards Agency has banned Christian groups from publishing material with the words ‘God can heal’, for example in Bath.

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The human cost of unemployment

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Having spent a few years unemployed under Thatcher and Major I can really feel for the people featured in this BBC article.

The quote from Ben Gillet sums up how it can be when you’re in such a situation, it shows how alien this sort of existence is and how far away it is from what man needs.

“I have no routine, I have nothing to set my day by,” he says. “It’s sometimes light, it’s sometimes dark, that’s the passage of time as far as I’m concerned now.”

Go read the article. Pray for change to their circumstance and for a change to the system that dumped them there.

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