Who cares about Pakistan?

Pakistan floods: thousands of houses destroyed...Image by Oxfam International via Flickr
An interesting page on the BBC News website asking some ‘experts’ and the public on why donations to Pakistan relief are slow. Some very good points, and some very predictable ones, especially from the public.

BBC News –
Who cares about Pakistan?

I believe donations from the West will perk up when we read that it has been confirmed that Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia have donated sizeable sums.

You bet. Perhaps it’s the same sort of scenario when a stranger falls ill in public. Nobody wants to go to their aid, but as soon as one does then others follow. So be the first.

If they can afford to be a nuclear country and boast about it, then they should be able to look after their own people.

What’s the betting that the poster of the comment above won’t apply the same logic when the ConDem government start chopping his health service and welfare system, or the services that he relies upon?

I don’t think it’s necessary to donate any money to Pakistan because there’s enough money – and support – available within the Islamic community

Well that’s ok then.

Pakistan has a long history of corruption…….the slow response for help, I believe, is due to its links to terrorism.

You should spend more time looking at the UK Parliament and local councils. Corruption in Pakistan would likely pale to be insignificant in comparison. And as for terrorism the people of Pakistan have suffered terribly as they seek to deal with the ‘war on terror’.

Of course you can always give.

Islamic Relief
Red Cross

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BBC News – Who cares about Pakistan?

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