Jailed for throwing an egg

A bloke who threw an egg at 'Baroness' Warsi and called her 'Cameron's bitch' has been banged up for 6 weeks. As the Daily Mail reports :A Muslim convert who pelted a Tory peer with eggs was jailed for six weeks yesterday. Gavin Reid, 23, targeted Baroness Warsi as Islamic extremists shouted abuse at her, … Continue reading Jailed for throwing an egg

Blogcatalog Widget Removed

I posted earlier about the Blogcatalog latest visitors widget which was only showing after a page refresh. Others confirmed that fact as well. So I posted on Blogcatalog's forums and received no joy, or even a reply.Now it seems the widget is not showing at all. So until Blogcatalog can get their act together then … Continue reading Blogcatalog Widget Removed

UN declares clean water a fundamental human right

Image via WikipediaSounds good, and I expect you were surprised that access to clean water wasn't already a fundamental human right.The UN has declared that access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right.About 1.5m children under five die each year from water and sanitation-related diseases.The resolution was passed with 122 nations in … Continue reading UN declares clean water a fundamental human right

Greek Lorry Drivers Stand Up To The EU And IMF

Seems those Greek workers are getting uppity again. This time it's the lorry drivers looking to spoil the party.Apparently they're upset with their industry and livelihoods being 'liberalised' on the orders of the EU and the IMF. Seems the shameful Greek government are using a law normally reserved for times of war or natural disasters … Continue reading Greek Lorry Drivers Stand Up To The EU And IMF