Ryan Harvey – Men Can Stop Rape

Rummaging around for some David Rovic songs I came across the Riot Folk Collective at http://www.riotfolk.org. A collection of folk musicians whose aim as the website says is “Making folk a threat again!”

Here’s Ryan Harvey.


I hope you are satisfied

That’s what I’ll be asking my local Lib Dem councillor should I have the misfortune to bump into him. Mind you, the way the Lib Dem councillors have behaved in the past I don’t expect to hear a peep from him until the next council elections.

I put my hands up and admit to voting for Lib Dems in the national poll. There was no chance of them getting elected in Aldershot, even less of Labour but there was hope, however miniscule that Howarth could be given the heave-ho. I mean, could it be so bad? After all, the Lib Dems are a progressive party with some policies to the left of Labour. In the end Howarth increased his percentage of the vote. So I suppose I can wear the badge that says “I voted Lib Dem but all I got was a stinking Tory/Lib Dem Coalition Government”.

Now Clegg must be old enough to remember the last Tory administrations under Thatcher and Major, how the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised, the minorities were treated, how unemployment was a “price worth paying”. Yet he still got into bed with Cameron and his continuation of Thatcher policies.

Clegg, you and your party have betrayed a generation, you have betrayed the progressives in your party, you have betrayed the voters. I will never, ever consider voting for the Lib Dems until my dying day. You have aligned with the enemy, dropped the mask and shown your true colours. At least we can be thankful that the charade of playing up as a progressive party has been shattered. Orange Tories.

I hope you are satisfied.

A defeat for who?

So the UK is in a state of flux because of the situation of being in a hung Parliament. Good and bad news for those on the left. But bad news for the Tories and the Lib Dems.

The Tories have failed to capitalise on 13 years of right-wing Labour government which has given us 3 foreign wars of dubious legality,  a massive encroachment onto civil liberties with calls for 90 days detention without trial, ID cards and trial without jury on the mainland. Even with the Cashcroft coffers they just can’t muster the support of the people. We’ve seen numerous business talking heads talking bullshit with no sign of the media bringing on board the trades union leaders to give a balance. But still the Tories flopped.

The Lib Dems were given a totally unjustified equal platform with TV debates amongst the leaders yet we see no increase in the number of MPs. What a farce, pure media hype to try and spin some viewer interest.

On the left the good news is that left leaning Labour MPs have bucked the trend and been re-elected, many with increased majorities (congratulations to John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbin and others!). And Labour has made huge inroads into local government at the expense of the Tories and Lib Dems.

Now what to do?

I would let the Tories and Lib Dems join in marriage and let them carry the can for the pain and hurt that the British people will be seeing, along with the Greeks, Portugese, Italians, Germans and others. For there is nothing that national sovereign governments can do within the capitalist framework. The real power lies with the middle-aged white men controlling international finance. This worldwide crisis in capital is merely the system being re-jigged to ensure that the system is optimised for continuing profits off the back of the working class and the world’s resources.

So whoever’s in charge it’s going to hurt. I spent three years unemployed during the last Tory administration and I really fear for the future. But this is a fantastic opportunity for the left to rally and to educate the voters about the disgusting system that capitalism is.

Let’s use the next couple of years to really highlight where the blame lies.

The Socialist Sixth of the World

Soviet hammer-and-sickle symbolImage via Wikipedia
So who wrote this?

“England is the land of justice.” Nine in ten of the comfortable classes take this for granted. Yet it is false. Where is justice when, in times of slump, two million unemployed are restrained by force from access to land, machines, and tools with which they could be profitably employed, and condemned to eke out a miserable existence in enforced idleness and dwarfing poverty? Where is justice when, in an age of potential plenty, millions live in needless want; and half Britain is paralysed by fears of sickness, old age, or the other insecurities and vicissitudes of life ?

It is taken from a publication called “The Socialist Sixth Of The World” by The Very Reverend Hewlett Johnson who was commonly know as the Red Dean. He was the Dean of Canterbury from 1929 to 1963 and was infamous for his support of the Soviet Union from the October Revolution until his death in 1966.

He died in 1966 but it’s only now that his family have released thousands of documents from his archive. Here’s to hoping that they become publicly available as to me his life seems absolutely fascinating. I come to Socialism not through Marxism (although I may or may not disagree on specific aspects) but through Christianity so anything like the life of Hewlett Johnson is especially interesting to me.

Local effect of Bigotgate

Just received a local election leaflet from the local conservative candidate Lucy Kurjeza for my ward, Mayfield in Farnborough, Hampshire. I think she’s received her encouragement from Gillian Duffy and ‘Bigotgate’.

Let’s have a look at what’s splurged on the page:

…many in Mayfield are alarmed at the increase in the number of Nepalese..

…Borough of Rushmoor has 2nd highest number of Nepalese in England…

…local schools unable to cope…

…GPs’ surgeries unable to cope…

…not able to keep up with the relentless influx of not only the Nepalese, but also those from mainland Europe…

All the usual stirring you’d expect from a party like the BNP. Except that it’s not the BNP but Cameron’s Tories. And with quite a high level of BNP support in this ward perhaps it’s what you’d expect. But with such a tactic comes the message of dividing a community and encouraging racism. Perhaps a true reflection of how the Tories care about what she says is the “3rd most deprived ward in Hampshire.”

She should be ashamed of herself. Bigotry at best, incitement to hatred at worst?

God is the only landlord

I like this!

Sung to the tune of “We Plough The Fields And Scatter”

H/T The Episcopelican

An Anglo-Catholic Socialist hymn, for May Day.
Original lyrics by Charles Dalmon.
Revisions by Fr. Kenneth Leech for the Jubilee Group, and Ted Mellor.

1. You faithful saints and martyrs
Who fought for truth and right,
We ask your prayers and blessings
To aid us in our fight.
Your faith shall be our watchword,
Your cause shall be our own –
To fight against oppression
Till it be overthrown.
Lift up the people’s banner
And let the ancient cry
For justice and for freedom
Re-echo to the sky.
2. In many a golden story,
On many a golden page,
The poets in their poems
Have sung the golden age,
The age of love and beauty,
The age of joy and peace,
When everyone lived gladly
And shared the earth’s increase.
Lift up the people’s banner
And let the ancient cry
For justice and for freedom
Re-echo to the sky.
3. Today the tyrants triumph
And bind us for their gains,
But Jesus Christ our Saviour
Will free us from our chains,
And love, the only master,
Will strive with might and greed,
Till might is right no longer,
And right is might indeed.
Lift up the people’s banner
And let the ancient cry
For justice and for freedom
Re-echo to the sky.
4. God is the only Landlord
To whom our rents are due.
God made the earth for everyone
And not for just a few.
The four parts of creation —
Earth, water, air, and fire —
God made and ranked and stationed
For everyone’s desire.
Lift up the people’s banner
And let the ancient cry
For justice and for freedom
Re-echo to the sky.
5. God made the earth for freedom
And God alone is Lord,
And we will win our birthright
By truth’s eternal sword;
And all the powers of darkness
And all the hosts of pride
Shall pass and be forgotten
For God is by our side.
Lift up the people’s banner
And let the ancient cry
For justice and for freedom
Re-echo to the sky.
6. Christ blessed the meek and told them
That they the earth should own.
And he will lead the battle
From his eternal throne.
O have no fear, my comrades,
Cry out in holy mirth!
For God to us has promised
His Kingdom here on earth.
Lift up the people’s banner
And let the ancient cry
For justice and for freedom
Re-echo to the sky.