I hope you are satisfied

That’s what I’ll be asking my local Lib Dem councillor should I have the misfortune to bump into him. Mind you, the way the Lib Dem councillors have behaved in the past I don’t expect to hear a peep from him until the next council elections.

I put my hands up and admit to voting for Lib Dems in the national poll. There was no chance of them getting elected in Aldershot, even less of Labour but there was hope, however miniscule that Howarth could be given the heave-ho. I mean, could it be so bad? After all, the Lib Dems are a progressive party with some policies to the left of Labour. In the end Howarth increased his percentage of the vote. So I suppose I can wear the badge that says “I voted Lib Dem but all I got was a stinking Tory/Lib Dem Coalition Government”.

Now Clegg must be old enough to remember the last Tory administrations under Thatcher and Major, how the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised, the minorities were treated, how unemployment was a “price worth paying”. Yet he still got into bed with Cameron and his continuation of Thatcher policies.

Clegg, you and your party have betrayed a generation, you have betrayed the progressives in your party, you have betrayed the voters. I will never, ever consider voting for the Lib Dems until my dying day. You have aligned with the enemy, dropped the mask and shown your true colours. At least we can be thankful that the charade of playing up as a progressive party has been shattered. Orange Tories.

I hope you are satisfied.

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