Parasites in Ranchi #2: Unauthorised MeetingImage by premasagar via Flickr

Headline on the BBC News caught my eye this morning – Greece crisis: investors wait on deal details.

So there’s a nation in trouble and investors are waiting on details. What details? The best way to aid the economy? The best way to work with the democratically elected sovereign Greek government?

No. A big fat No.

They’re waiting to ensure that they get a good risk free return on their money at the expense of the Greek people. If Capitalism was invented today it’d be banned as immoral, genocidal and an environmental catastrophe in the making.

Another headline – Greek bonds rated ‘junk’ by Standard & Poor’s

Global stock markets tumbled after Greece’s debt was downgraded to “junk” by rating agency Standard & Poor’s over concerns that the country may default.

It makes the struggling nation the first eurozone member to have its debt downgraded to junk level.

So if the artificial actions of middle class unelected white men are causing trouble by classing Greece’s debt as ‘junk’ then why bother doing it? Credit ratings do not alter the factual situation one iota, but they do alter the outcomes of any action. So why do it? To create a situation where capital can make a profit at the expense of the Greek people.

How long will this vile system continue? Parasites the lot of them.

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