The Corporate Pension Script

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeHow to manipulate your employees and their pension.Step 1. Complain about the cost of the final salary scheme.Step 2. Close the final salary scheme to new entrants.  Do not under any circumstances admit that this act will lead to Step 4!Step 3. Introduce a money purchase scheme for new starters … Continue reading The Corporate Pension Script


Image by premasagar via FlickrHeadline on the BBC News caught my eye this morning - Greece crisis: investors wait on deal details.So there's a nation in trouble and investors are waiting on details. What details? The best way to aid the economy? The best way to work with the democratically elected sovereign Greek government?No. A … Continue reading Parasites

Party Manifestos

In order to cut through the election spin and soundbites I think I'm going to run through some of the parties' election manifestos to try and find out exactly what they say on some key issues.The parties will be:LabourRespectToriesLib DemsCommunist Party of BritainGreen PartyAnd the policies will be:EconomyEqualityDefencePrivate or Public control of key sectorsHousingLet's hope I … Continue reading Party Manifestos