Nicola Fisher and Max Clifford

Only a short post but I can feel the bile rising!Back at the time of the G20 protests there was the situation where a protester was whacked by a police sergeant with a metal baton. The case was going to court and became a bit of a cause. Well the police sergeant was cleared today … Continue reading Nicola Fisher and Max Clifford

Moscow Tube Train Bomb Attacks

So there have been more bombs exploded on the subway in Moscow yesterday. At least 37 people have lost their lives. And that's also 37 families that are grieving. A myriad number of people can be affected by events such as these bombings. It's not all bad news though, at least according to the Daily … Continue reading Moscow Tube Train Bomb Attacks

Nick Clegg praises Margaret Thatcher’s legacy

There's a report in today's Guardian about Nick Clegg giving an interview to the Spectator where he apparently praised the legacy of Thatcher.The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg today praises Margaret Thatcher and says her desire to take on vested interests must be replicated in Britain.In an interview with the Spectator, Clegg says he has … Continue reading Nick Clegg praises Margaret Thatcher’s legacy