Jesus Of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

Jesus of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I was pleasantly surprised by how readable and encouraging this book is. Pope Benedict XVI has shown himself to have a fantastic understanding of the Gospels and their sources, as well he should! He brings that information along and presents it in a fresh and inspiring way. Many, many times he shows how connected the Bible is to itself and how doctrine and theology stretch consistently from Genesis to Revelation, how themes are repeated and built up and how what we have is truly inspired.

So put aside any bigotry, if you have any and grab a copy!

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4 thoughts on “Jesus Of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

  1. The Pope's second book on Jesus of Nazareth will be published in a few months time and will concentrate on the birth, Passion, Resurrection of the Lord. I can't wait to read it and agree with you on Jesus of Nazareth I. Anyhow, the more I read Ratzinger, the more I realise he is a stunning theologian and thinker. And a humble person who is many times totally mispresented by the secualr media, especially in Anglophone "Protestant" countries. Actually quite shocking and I'm beginning to think it is not at all innocent but is driven by an agenda.

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