Don’t forget my other blogs!

Image by theukhalls via FlickrYou can find a bit of politics here at Lansbury's Lido.If you fancy something technical then perhaps have a look at Plans to Prosper.Or if it's spiritual then why not head over to The Sign Of The Cross?Shameless self promotion I know but at least you can see a more full … Continue reading Don’t forget my other blogs!

A Warning to the Speculators

Image by rogimmi via FlickrFor whatever reason Venezuela is devaluing their currency. Although this is a story in itself the interesting part for me is the threat from the Venezuelan government and Hugo Chavez to appropriate the assets of anyone using this devaluation to trouser some easy profits off the backs of the rank and … Continue reading A Warning to the Speculators


Image via WikipediaSometimes we hear words that touch us in way that our only response can be "Oh God!" But it's an exclamation of surprise that something so deep can be communicated so simply.One such of these is from Pope Benedict XVI."Even suffering is part of the truth of our life. Thus, trying to shield … Continue reading Suffering