Oh My God

Jars of Clay, one of my favourite bands with one of my favourite songs. Intelligent and moving lyrics.

Salvation I

A big subject, so in a number of parts! But why I'm posting is in response to a blog comment that mentioned salvation being brought into play in the life of a person when they had said 'The Sinner's Prayer' or suchlike. It got me thinking about when salvation begins in the very being of … Continue reading Salvation I


Yesterday I received through the post Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton. I had read Heretics a few weeks ago and was impressed with what he was saying. So as Orthodoxy is a follow up to Heretics it makes sense to read it.Heretics was excellent, although dated in parts, so dated even I couldn't place some of … Continue reading Orthodoxy

Against All Odds

Could this be the next Labour Party political broadcast?I thought it was good until Kinnock and the architects of New Labour came into view, their stories undo the victories of the past. Did the producer see the irony?Aside from that some interesting images, and it's got Lansbury in it!