GoodReads to LibraryThing

I have been using GoodReads to catalogue all the books I own, have read or want to read. Found the link to it from Steve Hayes’ blog. Seems a good thing to do, to be able to see what you’ve read and to be able to share reviews with friends and others on the site.

However, logged in this morning to add a new book and all my books have disappeared! Nowhere to be found. Defunct. Empty.

Had only managed to catalogue about 30 books so not a great loss but disappointing nonetheless.

Image representing LibraryThing as depicted in...So have now decided to register at LibraryThing and start all over again! If anyone else is a member who visits here then feel free to add me as a friend. Seems they have a limit of 200 books before they ask for cash so we’ll see how it goes. Can anyone recommend any other online book catalogue type sites?

** Update – GoodReads have now emailed me thanking me for setting up my new account, using my original username. Not sure what the hell’s going on there but it seems that my account has been overwritten? 

** Update2 – Otis and Rivka from have now sorted my account issue out. Good to see such a proactive attitude from GoodReads! So back to using, view my profile here and link up!

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