More than 30 police hurt at G20 than 30 police officers were injured in clashes or accidents during protests at the G20 summit in London, new figures show.The injuries ranged from being hit by flying debris, attacked by protesters or crushed in crowds to dog bites and being scalded while making a hot drink. Sounds like most seem to have been … Continue reading More than 30 police hurt at G20

More to read on George Lansbury

Just ordered two more books on that favourite figure of mine from ages past, George Lansbury.First off is George Lansbury: At the Heart of Old Labour by Dr John Shepherd. Surprisingly I haven't managed to find any reviews of this tome so I'm trusting that it's going to be a good and informative read anyways.And … Continue reading More to read on George Lansbury

Tax and conscience?

Image via WikipediaListening to the radio the other day, can't remember what it was but I do recall something along the lines of ;home taping/drugs/knock-off cds and dvds contributes to organised crime/mafia/people trafficking/swine flu ( * delete as appropriate )You know, one of those messages where the authorities want to deter you from doing something … Continue reading Tax and conscience?